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Our experts are multi-skilled, competent , objective professionals who apply their analytical skills to reconstruct, determine the root cause, and document the events that give rise to property, casualty, and liability claims.

Investigation Examples:

« Structural Failures

« Foundation Failure

« Weather Damage

« Design and Construction Defects

« Flood Damage

« Water Infiltration into Buildings

« Fire Damage to Structures.

« Storm Related Damage Assessment

« Roof Failure

« Pool Failure

« Damage from Rot, Decay, Age, Etc.

« Mold & Mildew

« Wall & Fašade Failure

« Slip & Fall Analysis


At the forefront of available technology, we provide professionals & staff capable of handling a variety of engineering evaluations. Our reports are clear, concise, complete and efficiently produced. Our engineering objectives are achieved in an ethical manner consistent with the traditions and character of engineering professionals.